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Land Donated Will Keep Sight-lines Free Of Development And May Allow For Future Building Modifications
Land Donated Will Keep Sight-lines Free Of Development And May Allow For Future Building Modifications
High Plains Western Heritage Center
January 15, 2019

Western Heritage Center Receives Land Donation

North Park Plaza, LLC recently made a donation of 9.5 acres of land to the High Plains Western Heritage Center in Spearfish, reports the Black Hills Pioneer. Karla Scovell, executive directors of the Heritage Center, said that the board of directors had been considering purchasing the adjacent parcel, but the North Park Plaza group approached them about making the donation in early December.

Joe Jorgenson, a member of North Park Plaza LLC, said that the group thought the parcel should remain open space and that the best use of the land would be donating it to the Heritage Center. The land is located between the north edge of the center’s existing property and the south side of Knecht’s Home Center. It will remain open to allow for clear sight-lines to the center and may allow for the construction of a new front entrance.

A new front entrance would help to ease traffic congestion along Heritage Drive, said Scovell, and allow more people to visit the center. There is no official timetable for that construction, but other capital improvements are also being planned, including a kitchen, restrooms, and banquet hall on the existing structure’s eastern side.

The High Plains Western Heritage Center first opened on September 1st, 1989, and honors the pioneers and Native Americans of South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, and Nebraska.

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