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Voters in the Black Hills region primarily voted for Republican candidates.
Voters in the Black Hills region primarily voted for Republican candidates.
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November 9, 2016

Victim's Rights, Campaign Finance Reform and Interest Rate Limits Approved; Republicans Sweep Black Hills Region

Republicans in the Black Hills region swept all but one Senate seat in the Black Hills region. Senator Kevin Killer, who ran unopposed for Senate in District 27, was the only Democrat elected in the region.

Voters chose to amendment the constitution with Amendment S, or Marsy’s Law, which will expand rights for victims of crime. Voters also chose to implement campaign finance laws through Initiated Measure 22. Other measures approved by voters include Amendment R regarding technical institutions and Initiated Measure 21, which places a 36 percent interest rate cap on payday loans.

Below are election results for districts encompassing Butte, Lawrence, Pennington, Fall River, Oglala Lakota and Meade counties, as well as the results of the statewide ballot questions. Stay tuned for further information while our sister site, the South Dakota Dashboard, compiles statewide voter turnout data.

To see election results in their entirety, visit the South Dakota Secretary of State's website.

Italicized candidates indicate elected individuals. 

District 27 State Senate Votes Percentage
Kevin Killer (D) 3931


District 27 State Representatives Votes  Percentage
Elizabeth May (R)  2903 25.99
Steve Livermont (R)  2846 25.48
Red Dawn Foster (D)  2604 23.31
Jim Bradford(D)  2467 22.05
Everette L. McKinley (I)  351 3.14


District 28 State Senate Votes Percentage
Ryan Maher (R) 6986 100.0
District 28B State Representative Votes Percentage
Sam Marty (R) 4540 100.0


District 29 State Senate Votes Percentage
Gary L. Cammack (R) 6556


LeRoy Kindler (I) 3522 34.95
District 29 State Representative Votes Percentage
Larry Rhoden (R) 6919 59.18
Thomas Brunner (R) 4650 40.19


District 30 State Senate Votes Percentage
Lance Russell (R) 9173 71.52
Karla R. LaRive (D) 3653 28.48
District 30 State Representative Votes Percentage
Julie Frye-Mueller (R) 8086 35.73
Tim R. Goodwin (R) 8233 36.38
Kristine Ina Winter (D) 2915 12.88
Sandy Arseneault (D) 3397 15.01


District 31 State Senate Votes Percentage
Bob Ewing (R) 8681 100.0
District 31 State Representative Votes Percentage
Timothy R. Johns (R) 7359 54.53
Charles M. Turbiville (R) 6136 45.47


District 32 State Senate Votes Percentage
Alan D. Solano (R) 6764 66.83
David A. Hubbard (D) 3357 33.17
District 32 State Representative Votes Percentage
Kristin A. Conzet (R) 5419 31.34
Sean McPherson (R) 5067 29.31
Nik Aberle (D) 2464 14.25
Susan Kelts (D) 4339 25.10


District 33 State Senate Votes Percentage
Phil Jensen (R) 7651 61.61
Haven Stuck (D) 4767 38.39
District 33 State Representative Votes Percentage
Taffy Howard (R) 7018 33.00
David Johnson (R) 8245 38.77
Ethan Marsland (D) 2777 13.06
Jim Hadd (D) 3226 15.17


District 34 Senate Votes Percentage
Jeffrey D. Partridge (R) 7292 65.22
Jay C. Schultz (D) 3880 34.78
District 34 State Representative  Votes Percentage
Craig Tieszen (R) 7562 45.22
Dan Dryden (R) 5490 32.83
Steven Stenson (D) 3670 21.95


District 35 State Senate Votes Percentage
Terri L. Haverly (R) 6137 100.0
District 35 State Representative Votes Percentage
Lynn DiSanto (R) 4955 36.02
Blaine "Chip" Campbell (R) 4280 31.11
Dave Freytag (D) 2528 18.37
Michael T. Hanson (D) 1995 14.50


Constitutional Amendment R Votes Percentage
Yes 178,187 50.61
No 173,924 49.39


 Constitutional Amendment S Votes


 Yes 215,262


No 146,073 40.43


 Constitutional Amendment T Votes Percentage
Yes 149,926 42.97
No 198,955 57.03


 Constitutional Amendment U Votes Percentage
 Yes 130,606 36.74
No 224,850 63.26


 Constitutional Amendment V Votes Percentage
 Yes 157,844 44.51
No 196,767 55.49


 Initiated Measure 21 Votes Percentage
 Yes 270,278 75.58
No 87,347 24.42


 Initiated Measure 22 Votes Percentage
Yes 180,580 51.62
No 169,220 48.38


 Initiated Measure 23  Votes Percentage
Yes 71,240 20.31
No 279,453 79.69


 Referred Law 19 Votes  Percentage
Yes 98,649 28.95
No 242,107 71.05


 Referred Law 20 Votes Percentage
Yes 104,172 28.87
No 256,658 71.13



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