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The Second Installment of Trivia Tuesday Focuses on the SD Economy
The Second Installment of Trivia Tuesday Focuses on the SD Economy
September 1, 2015

TRIVIA TUESDAY: An Economic Education

The second installment of Trivia Tuesday is hot off the presses. Impress your friends and coworkers after learning smart-sounding data from our sleek infographics. Further your education by scrolling to the end of the page and clicking the text links to dive deeper into the data at hand. This week’s installment focuses on economic trends in anticipation of the 2015 South Dakota Demography Conference's mini-conference on the state of the South Dakota Economy. Make sure to check out our event page to learn more about registering for this annual event.


  1.  Did you know South Dakota puts out about $77,000 per working age adult? It ranks us as 20th highest nationally. Source
  2. The number of Education and Health Occupations grew by 700 this year. Source
  3. Pennington County, home to Mt. Rushmore, brings in the most from tourism taxes at more than $220 million, which is twice as much as the next county, Minnehaha. Source
  4. In 2014, South Dakota racked up $731,908,262 in tourism sales which is about $100 million more than in 2009. Source
  5. Last year South Dakota was ranked 41st amongst other states for jobs growth with only 1.2 percent growth. Source
  6. South Dakota ranks 5th in the nation for highest increase in GDP at a 2.8 percent increase. It is a lot less than our Northern neighbors, however, who rank at number 1 with a 9.7 percent increase. Source
  7. 22.7 percent of South Dakota’s gross sales came from Minnehaha County in 2014. The county with the second highest percent was Pennington County with only 7.6 percent. Source
  8. Finance and Insurance makes up the most of our GDP at around 15 percent. Agriculture is second at around 14 percent. Source
  9. It might be intuitive that logging and camping taxes make up most of South Dakota’s tourism tax, but would you guess that it makes up about 60 percent of the taxes? In fact, it brings in four times more money than the next most profitable business type, shops and markets. Check it out here. Source
  10. As of 2013, the total number of non-farm, payroll jobs in South Dakota was 417,100. Source

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