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Some Rapid City Area Schools Over Capacity Rapid City Area Schools
January 15, 2019

Some Rapid City Area Schools Over Capacity

Increased enrollment in the Rapid City school district has resulted in over-crowded classrooms, reports KOTA Territory News. Some Rapid City schools are over their functional capacity and have no room for additional students.

Rapid City Area Schools have gained 74 news students since last year, and the district’s annual enrollment report demonstrated that the west side of town is growing faster than current school buildings and resources can accommodate. Corral Drive Elementary, Canyon Lake Elementary, and Stevens High School are only a few of the schools currently over-capacity.

Assistant Superintendent Matthew Seebaum says that the problem cannot be fixed with new boundaries, the district needs new schools. There are currently no concrete plans for building new schools in the district, but leaders also don’t want students to have to bus all over Rapid City because their neighborhood school is at capacity. The school board hopes to act quickly to find a solution to this issue.

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