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Rural Weather Stations Fill in Gaps as Conditions Change
September 2, 2016

Rural Weather Stations Fill in Gaps as Conditions Change

Farmers and ranchers in South Dakota have increasingly come to rely on mesonets, which are the rural high frequency, high density weather stations set up across the state by the SDSU Extension Office. According to the Rapid City Journal article, the stations deliver updated weather reports and forecasts every ten minutes and have radar, providing crucial information to farmers and ranchers quickly and accurately. A seminar coming up on Sept. 2 at 7pm in Newell will be designed to show how the information can be accessed by locals and how the information can aid farmers and ranchers on measuring everything from rainfall to soil moisture and how much water crops are getting.

To read up on past weather-related news and articles in the Black Hills and surrounding areas, be sure to click on this archives link.

For more information on weather and drought in the Black Hills, check out this Black Hills Knowledge Network resource page.

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