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Rapid City Rush Currently 6-5 This Season, Game Attendance Remains Low
Rapid City Rush Currently 6-5 This Season, Game Attendance Remains Low
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November 13, 2018

Rapid City Rush Asks For $73,000 Bailout

The Rapid City Rush came to the management of the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center last year for help with its tenuous financial situation, reports KOTA Territory News. An agreement signed in May of 2018 made the Civic Center a minor partner to the minor league hockey team – and therefore obligated to cover the Rush’s financial losses up to $350,000 annually for three years.

The first payment under that agreement will come before the Civic Center board November 13th, and, valued at approximately $73,000, covers the teams’ October losses. Currently the team’s popularity is down, with an average crowd of 2,400 spectators. The team’s record is winning so far, with six wins to five losses, but compared to years past, attendance and enthusiasm are down.

Only four years ago the games brought 38,000 fans to the stands every night. Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender has said that none of the potential payments made by the Civic Center would come from taxpayer funds. Instead, the Civic Center could pay these costs from other tax subsidies they accrue annually.

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