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Example of an urban chicken coop
Example of an urban chicken coop
October 24, 2014

Rapid City Continues to Enforce Ban on Urban Chickens

Live chickens are banned in Rapid City, and code enforcement officers continue to enforce the ban, most recently on October 10. The code enforcement officer was responding to a complaint, the standard reason for visits according to what the officer told the Rapid City Journal. Following a complaint, the owner is informed and given between two weeks and 30 days to dispose of the animals. If the animals are still in city limits after that point, the officer can confiscate the chickens and take them to the Humane Society (in this case, the owner loaded her chickens into her car and took them outside Rapid City).

Rapid City Hens is a group attempting to change the law so that chickens may be kept as pets in Rapid City. A proposed ordinance fell in a tied vote in 2011. A pilot program is expected to be on the Rapid City Council's November 3rd agenda.

More news on chickens can be found in the archive.

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