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Rapid City Area Chamber Of Commerce Merges With Elevate Rapid City Elevate Rapid City
January 22, 2019

Rapid City Area Chamber Of Commerce Merges With Elevate Rapid City

Thursday saw a vote for the Rapid City Area Chamber of Commerce to merge with Elevate Rapid City, reports NewsCenter1. The merger is seen as a key step in consolidating all of Rapid City’s economic development activity under one body.

The merger also includes the Rapid City Economic Development Partnership and Economic Development Foundation. Proponents of the merger believe that the newly expanded organization will be better equipped to pursue enhanced economic development and business growth to help move Rapid City into the future.

David Lust, Executive Board Chairman of Elevate Rapid City, says the merger will allow for better utilization of common resources to drive development and growth. Elevate Rapid City will have three main pillars of organization: economic development, innovation, and small business development. Lust says that the chambers’ work will best fit within the small business development section.

Chamber President Linda Rabe has said that the merger will bring new businesses to the area and support existing small businesses. Details of the merger have yet to be solidified, but one they are, the four organizations hope to continue their work under a single roof.

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