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September 9, 2015

Policing and Race in Rapid City

Race remains an issue for police in Rapid City - July 27, 2015, Rapid City Police Department hires Vaughn Vargas, a Cheyenne River citizen, to head up a new Cultural Advisory Committee.

Native Sun News evaluates Rapid City’s ongoing race relations for 2015 - July 15, 2015, reviews incidences involving Native Americans and police, including the end of year death of Allen Locke and the Rush game incidence. 

Understanding Racial Tension in Rapid City - March 11, 2015, following the incident at the Rush game, gives information on racial strife in Rapid City, including interactions with police and examples of judicial bias.

Native Americans Express Frustration With Police Regarding Racist Incident At Hockey Game - February 10, 2015, report following Rush game incidence, with multiple links to other news stories.

The Police Are Killing One Group at a Staggering Rate, and Nobody Is Talking About It -  February 5, 2015, following on the death of Allen Locke, study shows that Native Americans died in encounters with law enforcement almost as frequently as African Americans (.29 vs .3 fatalities per 100,000)

Racist City, S.D.: Life is Violent, and Often Deadly in Rapid City - September 5, 2014, review of incidences with Native Americans and the police in Rapid City, along with stats and anecdotes on Native American experiences.

Civil Rights Committee Holds Hearing in Rapid City - September 4, 2014, results of briefing by the South Dakota Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights about racism in South Dakota and Rapid City.

US COMMISSION ON CIVIL RIGHTS SEEKS AMERICAN INDIAN INPUT ON CRIMINAL JUSTICE ISSUES IN SOUTH DAKOTA - August 26, 2014, the South Dakota Advisory Committee sought input, particularly from Native Americans, on experience with criminal justice in Rapid City.

Night of terror earns Elijah White Magpie 25 years in prison - January 8, 2014, news story at end of trial for Native American man shot after threatening officer.

RCPD 2014 Complaint Summary - 2014, listing of formal and informal complaints made against the Rapid City Police Department. Includes three unfounded complaints of discrimination.

Yellow Robe vs. Allender, et al. - March 4, 2012, civil case from former Rapid City Police Officer, alleging racist behavior in the department.

RCPD 2012 Complaint Summary - 2012, listing of formal and informal complaints made against the Rapid City Police Department. Includes oneunfounded complaint of racism.

Rapid City Police Department Shooting Summary detailing events that took place on August 2, 2011 - August 2011, department report on fatal shooting.

Shooting of Police Officer Brings Anxiety to Indian Community - August 5, 2011, brief history of race relationships, focus on shooting that left two Rapid City officers and one Native American dead.

Final Report and recommendation - 2006, South Dakota Equal Justice Commission 

A Review of South Dakota Criminal Justice: A Study of Racial Disparities by Richard Braunstein and Steve Feimer - January 2003, review of study showing disparities in Native American and White interactions with the criminal justice system.

Native Americans in South Dakota: An Errosion of Confidence in the Justice System- March, 2000, report from the South Dakota Advisory Committee to
the United States Commission on Civil Rights on Native American interactions with the criminal justice system.

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