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Stop by and see this incredible display
Stop by and see this incredible display
October 4, 2016

September/October Art Display at Piedmont Valley Library

Meet the artist - Erica Lane Harvey

Erica's love affair with photography started over 25 years ago, when she got her hands on her mother's Canon AE-1 Program and promptly won her first photography contest at 8 years old. A life-long passion was born. The trusty camera stayed with her through high school in the Black Hills and college at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, where Erica earned her Bachelors Degree in Visual Journalism.

harvey buffaloErica has been running her own photography business in Rapid City for 10 years, offering commercial, portrait and artistic services. Now she's turning that passion towards education, with a goal of teaching others the joy of taking a good picture, whether appreciating your own home or traveling.

Through her imagery Erica hopes to instill the same love, passion and desire she has for this amazing world into others. She wants her photographs to inspire people to cherish and save our planet. Her goal is to teach others how to capture the world around them and show them what can happen by simply stopping to smell the flowers...and photograph them!

An artist's reception will be held October 23 at 2 pm.

To see more from Erica Lane Harvey, check out her website:

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