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Mayor Alan Hanks defended his decision to dismiss Marcia Elkins, the city's growth management director, amid rumblings that the move was politically motivated.  He stated that the decision was based on the lack of progress from within the department in implementing reforms that were in place.   For more information, visit the Black Hills Knowledge Network online news archive..
How Does Your County Compare? Here's an interesting graph that allows you to compare state and even county obesity and consumption of vegetables. Guess in which county 78% of the population consumes low quantities of fruits & veggies? In which county do 38% of its residents qualify as obese?  Full Graph
For the United States, a Record Number in Poverty Powered by Tableau
Rapid City got good marks in its first resident report card released last week, but city officials said there is still room for improvement, especially when it comes to street-related city services.  For more information on Rapid City, visit the Black Hills Knowledge Network's online news archive.
Members of the Spearfish Rural Fire Protection District Board are continuing their work toward the organization’s development, reports the Black Hills Pioneer. The board has broken itself into groups which are working on legal matters and bylaws and governance. While the working groups will not make final decisions on their own, their discussions will be used to assist the whole…
City officials in Deadwood are gearing to update the city’s 10-year comprehensive plan, reports the Black Hills Pioneer. Two meetings will be held in order to obtain information from three different groups as part of the upgrading process. Deadwood’s comprehensive plan includes several aspects including city services, recreation, transportation, growth, economic development and others. Meetings are currently scheduled for small…
Discussions concerning the creation of a tax incentive program for housing in Deadwood are moving forward. According to the Black Hills Pioneer, draft definitions of “owner,” “occupied,” and “vacant building” as well as the certification for owner-occupied dwellings from Lawrence County were offered to the Deadwood City Commission at a recent meeting. An amendment clarifying that properties within a tax…
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