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Programs put on by local agencies help the children that receive free meals during the school year, stay fed during the summer as well.
Programs put on by local agencies help the children that receive free meals during the school year, stay fed during the summer as well.
June 19, 2016

Free Breakfasts And Lunches Nourish Local Kids Through Summer Months

Local agencies and the Summer Food Service Program are providing free meals for children and some adults during the summer, reports the Rapid City Journal.

For many children in the area, these are the only meals they get over the summer months.  Local agencies involved include the Rapid City Area Schools (RCAS), Youth and Family Services (YFS), the YMCA and Feeding South Dakota.  RCAS have been providing breakfasts and lunches for the past 5 years, last summer they provided over 30,000 summer meals.   YFS provided over 32,000 nutritious, but also kid-friendly summer meals last year.  The YMCA offers breakfast and lunches to kids up to 18 years old, and provided 25,000 meals last summer.   To help during the weekends, Feeding South Dakota runs the Back Pack Program, which uses money from grants and private donations to provide 700 backpacks stocked with food for the 12 summer weekends.

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