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Crops in the Newell area were damaged by a storm cell with 93 mile per hour winds and 2 inch hail.
Crops in the Newell area were damaged by a storm cell with 93 mile per hour winds and 2 inch hail.
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July 25, 2017

Farmers in Newell Begin Recovery Process from Damaging Hail Storm

A storm that swept through Newell last week clocked in 93 mile per hour winds and hail larger than two inches in diameter, reports KOTA News. Area farmer Troy Hewson reported a complete loss of his wheat crop. While he hopes to use the wheat as a nurse crop with alfalfa and orchardgrass, he also has crop insurance to recoup his losses.

Few choices exist when it comes to crop insurance. A fedderal multi-peril insurance policy covers a wide variety of crops in  several weather-related loss events. Hail insurance is another option, although the premiums tend to cost more than multi-peril insurance.

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