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Ellsworth Air Force Base is one of two bases home to the nation's fleet of B-1 bombers.
Ellsworth Air Force Base is one of two bases home to the nation's fleet of B-1 bombers.
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April 14, 2014

Ellsworth AFB to Downsize

More than 1,000 airmen at Ellsworth Air Force Base have been offered cash buyouts or early retirement as part of a national downsizing as the military adjusts to budget cuts, the Rapid City Journal reports.

Base officials said they do not plan to cut a full 1,000 positions, and in fact cannot say now how many positions might be cut at Ellsworth, home to part of the nation's fleet of B-1b bombers. How many airmen will leave Ellsworth will depend on which military personnel accept this offer across the country.

Ellsworth currently has 3,350 active duty personnel and 572 civilian employees. Those who have been offered the buyouts have until this summer to decide whether to accept them.

Learn more about Ellsworth at the base's website and in the Black Hills Knowledge Network's archives.



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