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Butte County State's Attorney Cassie Wendt Suggests Amending County Ordinance Concerning Temporary Campgrounds
Butte County State's Attorney Cassie Wendt Suggests Amending County Ordinance Concerning Temporary Campgrounds
Keystone XL Pipeline
October 30, 2018

Butte County Anticipates Pipeline Protests - Considers Campground Ordinance

West river counties continue to prepare for the possibility of protests of the Keystone XL pipeline, reports the Black Hills Pioneer. Butte County, one of the counties the pipeline is planned to pass through, is considering an amendment to its temporary campground ordinance in anticipation of protests.

Butte County State’s Attorney Cassie Wendt brought the proposal to the county commission at its October 16th meeting. The amendment would allow for an issuing of permits and allow the county to contain a situation so it wouldn’t grow like the man-camps of protesters seen in Mandan, North Dakota.

The county’s current ordinance defines a temporary campground as a camping area used for up to two weeks and occupied by 20 people or more. Current costs are dependent on size used – any area less than one acre costs a minimum of $100, and over an acre is $500 per acre.

Applicants for temporary camping permits are required to include the location and maximum number of people admitted, as well as proof that potable water, enclosed toilets, waste disposal, parking, tent space, security, and fire protection would be furnished and paid for by the applicant. Applications would also be required to be renewed every two weeks.

Wendt asked the commission to consider working with the state’s attorney’s office to amend the ordinance in order to protect Butte County from potential protesters, despite the pipeline only passing through the northeastern corner of the state.

No action was taken at the October 16th meeting, but commissioners may consider the issue further in the future.

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