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10 Miles Of BHE Transmission Lines To Be Replaced This Summer
10 Miles Of BHE Transmission Lines To Be Replaced This Summer
Black Hills Pioneer
March 12, 2019

Black Hills Energy Plans Replacement Of Northern Hills Power Lines

This summer will see about 10 miles of Black Hills Energy (BHE) power lines replaced in the Northern Hills. According to the Black Hills Pioneer, the two projects will begin in the spring of 2019, weather permitting, as will all permitting and bids.

Operations Manager for BHE, Ken Meirose, said that the projects aim to replace poles and transmission lines along two routes: 4.9 miles of lines in the Tinton corridor and 4.3 miles of lines along Maitland Road, near Spearfish. The Tinton projected is budgeted at around $500,000 and project details for the Maitland portion have yet to be made available to the public.

The pole and line replacements are planned to last all summer, with some power outages necessary. However, Meirose hopes that most of the construction will be conducted while power remains online. The upgrades will also allow for the transmission lines to have a larger carrying capacity.

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