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Architect Kaziah Haviland and her husband, Greg, have moved into a straw bale house on the Pine Ridge reservation.
Architect Kaziah Haviland and her husband, Greg, have moved into a straw bale house on the Pine Ridge reservation.
Thunder Valley Community Development Corp. photo
February 11, 2016

Architect Fellow to Design Holistic, Green Community on Pine Ridge

An architect chosen for a competitive three-year fellowship will design the Thunder Valley Regenerative Community Development Center on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, reports the Native Sun News

The center will integrate housing, social services, commercial space and light industrial buildings into a holistic model for tribal community development and the future of Lakota architecture. The architect, Kaziah Haviland, will work with the Thunder Valley Community Development Corp. in designing the center.

Haviland is an Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellow. The program employes environmentally sustainable practices with community-focused design. 

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