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Vision Fund (Rapid City Economic Development and Civic Improvements Fund)

The Vision Fund (formerly called Vision 2012) is the result of a half penny sales tax that was implemented in 1992 to fund building projects. Projects are selected every five years. Projects for Phase V will be selected in 2015.

Rapid City voters first approved a one cent sales tax in 1972 to pay for the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center. The voters decided to continue funding building projects with a half-cent sales tax in 1993, creating Vision 2012. In 1995, a ballot measure to discontinue the sales tax was defeated by voters in a special election.  In 2010, Rapid City Mayor Alan Hanks gave a presentation on the history of Vision 2012 and the projects it has funded. On July 16, 2012, the Civic Center requested 2012 funding for a $150 million dollar expansion.

This page includes an index of the projects that have received funding in phases 1-4, links to the current ordinances that allow for the 1/2 cent sales tax and funding of projects, and also a document library of past media stories, sample ballots and other government documents going back to the beginning of the one cent sales tax in 1972 through the creation of the Vision 2012 fund in 1993 and special election in 1995.

Rapid City Ordinances

Current Rapid City ordinances 3.16.020 Rapid City Economic Development and Civic Improvement Funds and 3.16.040 Imposition of Additional Tax Rate

Vision Fund Projects

A new phase is set to occur every 5 years.  Phase I began in 1995. The Rapid City Journal published a list of the project proposals on February 23, 1995. Phase 2 began in 2000, Phase III in 2005, and Phase IV in 2010.  A complete list of Phase I - IV projects can be found on the City of Rapid City website. Phase V was delayed and now the 5 year stipulation has been removed.  The Vision Fund Committee approves projects.  

Document Libraries

Document Library--1970-1977--the half cent sales tax increase passed in 1972 and the building of the Civic Center in 1977

Document Library--1990-1995-- the debate and vote on the Vision 2012 fund in 1993 and the debate and vote in  1995


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