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Starting a Business

The list below includes resources for starting your own business. 

Business Plans

  • Small Business Association: The U.S. Small Business Administration provides support to small businesses and small-business owners.  Includes information on starting and managing a business, securing financial assistance, and working with government agencies. 
  • Business Know How: A collection of articles geared at small businesses looking for advice on marketing, franchises, business ideas, financial assistance and human resources.  Also includes start-up and break even point calculators, Labor law posters, and other commercial resources for small businesses.
  • SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives): SCORE is a nonprofit association dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and helping small businesses start, grow, and succeed nationwide.  The SCORE website provides free and confidential mentoring services for small businesses, and listings of local workshops and events.
  • Inc. Magazine:, the website for Inc. magazine, delivers advice, tools, and services, to help business owners and CEOs start, run, and grow their businesses more successfully.  The website also includes the Inc. Magazine archives.
  • Business Plans:  provides over 500 free sample business plans for a wide variety of business categories.  
  • Business Start-Up Faq's: A Small business resource and referral network.  Review the most common questions asked when starting a new business in South Dakota and learn what the answers are. 
  • Ebsco Business News: Website accessed through the library that gives readers a useful tool to see what businesses are currently doing regionally at the moment.  Provides useful information to see businesses that are growing or what recent trends are currently in the area.


  • Business Source Premier: Read the latest news on industries, investing and the economy from various journals and magazines. 
  • The Economist: Internet home site for the well known magazine.  The site tracks current trends in politics, finance, and economics. 
  • Entrepreneur Magazine: This site offers advice on starting a business, investing, marketing, and utilizing technology.
  • Forbes: The Forbes website offers tips and tricks to succeed in business ventures, with advice on investing, financing,  leadership development, and more.


Business Law

  • Bizlink: The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library partnered with other community business resource providers to create this site.  The website provides information on business forms, economic conditions, marketing/demographics, patents and trademarks, and a host of other business resources.
  • Business Owner's Idea Cafe: This site allows small business owners to explore entrepreneurial ideas and ofers advice on starting a business, networking, obtaining loans and grants, and sales & marketing analysis.
  • BizWeb: BizWeb is an aggregation of different business websites that explore a variety of business genres, including retail, medical, and recreation.
  • FindLaw: The FindLaw website allows users  to locate lawyers by area of expertise.   The site also links to information on local laws.
  • Mothers' Home Business Network: This site is directed at mothers who are looking to start their own business or earn extra income while staying at home.  Find advice and inspiration from mothers who have created successful businesses from their homes.



  • Federal Trade Commission: This government website links to breaking economic news and provides small business owners with the resources to gauge consumer spending.
  • FinanceNet(GovernmentAssetSales): This site offers users a chance to see when and where certain government entities are selling or auctioning off surplus or seized properties or products, which could offer an entrepreneur a chance to obtain necessary material at cheap prices.
  • Occupational Safety &Health Administration (OSHA): For businesses, this is a site that must be looked and followed strictly.  OSHA regulations are required to be met in any business and worker safety is necessary to avoid any litigation that could come about as a result of owner negligence in following OSHA protocol in the workplace.
  • Small Business Administration: This website is designed to help small businesses with managing the business as well as offer advice on obtaining loans, contracting help, and the training of employees.
  • USA Trade Online: A federal website designed to show entrepreneurs and consumers up-to-date economic statistics as well as giving users access to current U.S. export and import data for tens of thousands of commodities.  This would be useful in providing business owners with a sense of what the country is bringing to sell to consumers at any particular time.



  • Hoover’s Online: This website gives advice on business solutions as well as offers to consult individuals on how to make their business profitable.  This would be useful to any entrepreneur wanting to seek counsel from professionals.
  • EDGAR: Website that informs business owners of certain requirements statements that are required to submitted through the site.  It also allows consumers to check the statements and see how well the business is doing.
  • CBS Marketwatch:  Market site of CBS in conjunction with the Wall Street Journal.  Site offers users advice on investing and portfolio development, as well as shows current market status and news updates on stocks.
  • Dogs of the Dow: Site that predicts where the markets are headed.  It  also offers some useful websites of stock reports and best stocks to own.
  • Investor Words: The site is a dictionary of words and phrases often used in investing circles.  It also provides ways of doing research on the stock market.  It would be useful for anyone, not just businesses, looking to put some money into the market.
  • Money Central: A MSN-based site that provides market news and analysis.  It also offers links to various sites on portfolio management, personal finance, real estate, amongst others.
  • CNN’s version of Money Central.  It provides market news, analysis, as well as offers looks at current market values and quotes.
  • The Motley Fool: Website that offers market education and analysis, as well as the current trend of the stock exchange.  Its also offers advice on ways to play the market, but also shows a softer side with its comedy sketches.
  • Investments: Site allows user to track investments made through Quicken loans, but is accessible only to account holders. 
  • The Street: Website that tracks market analysis and trends while offering advice and links on stock picks, personal finance, technology, and research topics amongst others.
  • Tech Central Station: This site offers news stories that involve technology, commerce, and society.  Users of the site can see stories that may affect trade or the markets in the future if they wish to invest in a particular sector or are wary of how the markets are doing.
  • Yahoo! Finance: This is Yahoo’s market and finance page.  The site offers news stories from the markets, shows trends, as well as mortgage rates.  It has links for investing, personal finance, portfolio development,  and has links to news sites that offer professional advice and ideas on where the market is heading and areas that may yield the best return on investments.
  • Value Line: A well known website that shows the current value of stocks on the markets and offers tips and advice on where to invest as well as shows current market trends.  This is a very valuable site to have an account in for any market investor.  If you do not have an account, you can also use this link to access the library's Value Line account.


Financial Calculations

  • Mortgage Financial Calculators: This website offers advice on home ownership, including mortgage calculating, renting v. owning advice, debt consolidation, and a host of other useful links.  It also allows for rate comparisons from state to state.
  • Universal Currency Calculators: Educational site on currency conversion from country to country.  The site offers users tools on currency terms, trading, and has a currency conversion widget to show the value of the dollar versus other country’s currency.
  • Currency Converter: This site offers users easy conversion tools to calculate the value of foreign currency and give it its worth in dollars.  Converter tools, data, and web links are available to users to make it easier to determine the monetary value of foreign currencies.


Historical Stock Quotes

  • BigCharts: This site shows the historical stock prices and quotes of the many company on the Exchange.  It helps investors to determine whether or not a company has historically seen highs and lows and what the future of the company’s stocks will be depending on similar market conditions.
  • Yahoo! Historical Quotes: Accessed through the same site as Yahoo! Finance.  The site allows users to see the past performance of a company’s stock and determine if market conditions will cause the stock to rise or fall.  Proper investment can be determined based on past performance to determine future stock prices.


Stocks/Commodity Markets

  • 411 Stocks: This is stock market complete with current prices, trends, and analysis of what’s happening and what is predicted to happen on the current day.  It offers stocks that have hit and missed throughout the day and gives stock and portfolio holders advice on investment opportunities.
  • American Stock Exchange: This is the NYSE Euronext website.  It offers advice and information on bonds, equities, futures/options, investor relations, and regulations.
  • Bloomberg Quick Quote: Site offers hour by hour stock market and Dow numbers as well as daily headlines updates on the market itself.  It also provides advice from market professionals and blogs with which to chat about the market.
  • Chicago Merchantile Exchange: This website shows how ag markets are doing and the prices that certain crops are listed at.  It also has prices and news of other commodities, such as metals and energy prices.  It would be useful when seeing what basic raw products are worth and where they may be in the future.
  • New York Stock Exchange: As the stock exchange’s website, it lists current market values and indicates which stocks are currently the most active.  The site would be most useful in tracking one’s current stocks and seeing the day-to-day progression of the market and if there are any other areas that could be invested in.
  • NASDAQ: The site offers users up-to-date prices from the NASDAQ as well as if it is trending down or up on a daily basis.  Stock quotes and research advice are offered as well as market activity, news and current stocks going up or down.


Local Helpful Business Information

The homepage of the city of Rapid City provides a useful business link for new businesses or businesses that are thinking of relocating/building in the city.  The site provides information on permits, economic planning, licensing, and other areas necessary for a business to be built or open.

Library Data Resources

  • Business Source Premier: This database provides access to information on business journals and works to help make businesses more successful.
  • Rand State Statistics: The Rand Stats provide information on state demographics and the amount of labor that is available there, be it qualified or unqualified.
  • Regional Business News: This resource offers up-to-date news articles on what is happening in the business world.
  • Small Business Resources: This database offers entrepreneurs access to different resources and information that they may need to start their own business or improve on their existing business adventure.


Follow more business and economy news in the archives.


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