Black Hills Knowledge Netowork

Issue Hub

Have you ever read about a local news topic, but craved more background information on the story? The Issue Hub is your go-to place to contextualize the news you read daily. Below you will find community issues by topic, with each page linking to background stories on issues pertinent to the Black Hills region. Can't find the background information you're looking for? Feel free to shoot us an email with a topic suggestion. 

Civic Life and History

Struggling to grasp the backstory to a local issue? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Theses pages provide insight and background information on a variety of issues pertaining to the civic life and history of the Black Hills. Each page provides context to items of local discussion and interest. Primary documents and historical references are included as hyperlinks or attachments. 

Education and Training

The education and training pages below provide resources and contextual information on a variety of education-related topics in the Black Hills region. From regional libraries to higher education, the education and training pages will help you learn more about your community.

Government and Citizenship

Civic life and citizen engagement should be at the heart of every community. In this category, you will find a variety of issue topics which provide background information to subjects discussed at the local and county level. 

Health and Wellness

A variety of health issues become hot topics in the Black Hills region each year. This hub provide background information and context to past and present health issues in the area. 

Environment and Conservation

In the Black Hills, conservation, agriculture, and wildlife issues often make headlines. On the pages below, you will be able to find in-depth background information to past and present environmental issues facing the Black Hills region. For data on agriculture and natural resources in South Dakota, the South Dakota Dashboard’s agriculture and natural resources or environment data resource guides. 

Community Resources

Are you looking for a helping hand in your community?  Need help learning a new skill? The community resource pages below will assist you with everything from registering to vote to starting your own business. Are you looking for help with something you don’t see listed? We’re always looking for new ideas, so feel free to email us

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