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Rapid City's Storm Drainage Utility City of Rapid City
July 31, 2012

Rapid City's Storm Drainage Utility

In 2013, the Rapid City Council introduced an ordinance to create a Stormwater Drainage Utility Fee. Money collected from the fee would go to maintaining, repairing, and improving the city's stormwater drain system. The ordinance passed on October 21, 2013, becoming chapter 13.26 of the Rapid City Municipal Code.
In short, the concern is stormwater runoff. Rainfall is usually absorbed by the ground, but impervious surfaces (like buildings or sidewalks) prevent this. This water ends up entering the drainage system, after collecting any dirt, oil or other items along the way. For this reason, the amount of a property covered by an impervious surface determines the fee:
Lot Size (square feet) x Runoff Weighting Factor x 0.00040 (Unit Charge) = $Annual Fee
The city sets the Runoff Weighting Factor based on expectations for the type of property, but a property owner may request a detailed study to determine the actual percentage of impervious area.

Agriculture Readjustment

In August 2014, a proposal was brought forward to the Public Works Committee to lower fees on agricultural land. Arguments included that owners of agricultural land employ water retention techniques to minimize runoff and that the fees would be excessive for agricultural properties. The City Council considered the matter on August 18. The topic was considered and ultimately Mayor Kooiker broke a tie to pass Resolution 2014-075, reducing the unit charge for agricultural land from .0004 to .0001.

Ordinances and Resolutions

History of the Stormwater Drainage Fee Propoal & Supporting Documents

Funding & Budget


Effects of Stormwater

  • Stormwater Runoff Video

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