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Rapid City Council
Rapid City Council
January 17, 2013

Rapid City Code of Conduct


The Rapid City Code of Conduct for Elected Officials was adopted on November 6th, 2006. Previous policies and procedures had been passed covering conduct of elected officials, but these were for specific cases. Former Mayor Jim Shaw wrote about the atmosphere of the time as being "a flurry of interpersonal conflicts among aldermen" that was inhibiting the ability of the council to function. The Code of Conduct would cover general behavior, with expectations of personal integrity, impartiality, a workplace free of hostility, and respect for the public. The code did not contain any consequences for violating the code.


The February 6th, 2012 meeting of the Rapid City Council had the beginnings of discussion to remove or revise the Code of Conduct. The measure was introduced by John Roberts, Jordan Mason, and Steve Laurenti.  Along with Ron Sasso, this group was to bring a new proposal to the City Council.

The amended Code of Conduct was passed on September 4th, 2012. The revisions provided a procedure to be taken if an alderman was accused of violating the Code of Conduct, including rules for investigating complaints, what role the council has, and what sanctions could be applied.

Additional Information

Stories on the City Council and the Code of Conduct can be found in the archive.

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