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March 27, 2012

Open Meetings Law in South Dakota

March 11-17 was Sunshine Week, a national effort meant to raise awareness about the laws that govern what information local, state and national governmental entities provide to the public upon request. This resource list provides the link to information from a variety of sources on the laws in South Dakota that govern meetings and public information.

South Dakota Open Meetings Statutes & Public Records and Files Statutes

South Dakota's Attorney General's FAQ Brochure on Open Meeting Laws--your questions about who the law affects and how you can exercise your rights under the law answered here.

Public Records Disputes--South Dakota's Office of Hearing Examiner handles disputes regarding public records. Documents needed to submit a hearing request are available here.

Open Meeting Complaints--Open Meetings Commission reviews complaints regarding open meetings. Agendas and previous decisions are available on the website.

Links to Media Stories and More--the Black Hills Knowledge Network has put together links to media stories and more on this topic for further research.













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