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Inside the Rapid City Civic Center
Inside the Rapid City Civic Center
Chelsea Gortmaker

History of the General Sales and Use Tax to Build Civic Center

In 1972, Rapid City voters approved a general sales and use tax increase from 1 percent to 1.5 percent to pay for a new civic center facility. Five years later, the new Civic Center opened in Rapid City. The articles and documents below show the history from when the vote was first discussed with the public and the city government to after the Civic Center was completed in 1977. Documents and articles are also available for when the voters decided to use the sales tax to pay for public projects in the 1990's.

Public Discussion and Creation of One Cent Sales Tax

February 2, 1970 Civic Center Panel Named, Bismarck Facility Visited
February 28, 1970 Civic Center Group Recommends Arena Type on Fairgrounds Site
May 1, 1970 Fairgrounds Master Plan Reviewed, Site Favored for Civic Center
May 28, 1971 Committee Begins Study of Financing Convention Center
June 17, 1971 Site, Design Committee to Study Civic Center
July 9, 1971 Barnett Discusses Civic Center Financing at NCB 
July 16, 1971 Civic Center Funding Study Near Deadline
July 23, 1971 Civic Center Financing Panel Reviews Findings 
July 30, 1971 Civic Center Financing Group Compiling Facts
August 7, 1971 Planners Informed Civic Center Site Announcement Expected Soon
September 26, 1971 Civic Center Program Underway; Urban Renewal Process is Slow 
September 30, 1971 Civic Center Site Apparently Set
November 26, 1971 Civic Center Design Committee Present Its Recommendations
December 8, 1971 Civic Center Site Panel issues Report
January 9, 1972 Civic Center Proposition Rests on Fair, Realistic Financial Plan
January 24, 1972 Mayor Indicates Private Financing Help Possible for Community Center 
February 4, 1972 Civic Center Finance Bill Gains Step
February 7, 1972 Civic Center Bill Clears Legislature
March 12, 1972 Two Building Civic Center Recommended 
March 14, 1972 Aim is for Two Buildings in New Civic Center Complex
March 18, 1972 Spirit of 76 Panel to Discuss City Civic Center
March 25, 1972 Ward 5 Discussion Set on Civic Center Finance
March 26, 1972 Civic Center Discussion Set at Tuesday Meeting 
March 27, 1972 New Pamphlet Describes Proposed Civic Center
March 29, 1972 Civic Center-Arena Financing Proposal Explained at Forum, Reaction Favorable
March 29, 1972 Civic Center Committee Presents Information Sheet on Proposal
March 29, 1972 Groups of Citizens Present Opinions, Questions on Proposed Civic Center
April 5, 1972 Ashland, Shoener North Rapid Talks on Civic Center
April 7, 1972 Barnett, Ashland, Debate Civic Center Proposal
April 9, 1972 Aerial View of Site of Proposed Civic Center
April 12, 1972 One Cent Sales Tax Approval


Building of the Civic Center

April 12, 1972 Mayor Gives More Details on Civic Center Plans
June 3, 1972 Civic Center Group to Be Announced Monday by Barnett
June 5, 1972 City Civic Center Directors Names
June 5, 1972 Civic Center Directors
August 28, 1972 Civic Center Site Panel Chairman Criticizes Urban Renewal Proposal 
July 12, 1974 Rapidome Cut Back 
August 5, 1974 Architects Report on Civic Center
August 20, 1974 Civic Center Directors Okay Altered Concept
September 5, 1974 Civic Center to Include Chamber Office 
September 13, 1974 Civic Center Model, Plans Reveals
September 14, 1974 Civic Center Revisions Approved
May 15, 1975 Civic Center 'Clerk' and "Board" Recommended
May 19, 1975 Civic Center Work May Begin This Week
May 27, 1975 Civic Center Change Orders Discussed 
May 30, 1975 Additional Funding Sought For Civic Center Promotion
June 16, 1975 Lytle Elected Chairman of Civic Center Board
June 24, 1975 La Croix to Head Civic Center Group
June 27, 1975 Center Sets Valuation Record for Single Month
June 30, 1975 Two Special Sessions Held
July 1, 1975 Bidding Date on Streets Around Civic Center Set
July 3, 1975 Members to Civic Center Board Among Proposed Appointments
July 14, 1975 Board Concerned About Civic Center Needs
July 28, 1975 Center Architects to Review Computerized Energy System
July 29, 1975 LaCroix Says Board Should Concentrate on Interior Activities of City Civic Center
August 12, 1975 Civic Center Board Postpones Automated Controls Decision
December 2, 1975 City to Apply For $500,000 EDA Grant
December 2, 1975 Center Board Gives Go Ahead For Brochure Design, Mailing
December 3, 1975 Naming the City's New Civic Center
June 13, 1976 Civic Center Shaping Up
July 26, 1976 Theater Area Taking Shape 
November 12, 1976 Civic Center Bookings Growing
December 13, 1976 Civic Center Exhibit Hall Roof Leaks
March 28, 1977 Civic Center Elects Board, Sets Opening
April 20, 1977 Elvis Presley to Perform in City Arena Opener
May 23, 1977 Civic Center a Hit Says Manager Beckman 
June 12, 1977 There is No Doubt About It- Elvis is Still King
June 29, 1977 Show Biz Comes to Rapid City
July 7, 1977 City Approves Basketball Floor for Civic Center


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