Community Development Entity (CDE) Domestic corporation providing loans, investments, and financial counseling for LICs. Can receive NMTC allocations to distribute to investors.

Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (CDFI Fund) US Treasury fund devoted to promoting community development in underserved areas. Administers the NMTC program.

LIC Low-income community (poverty rate at least 20%).

New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) National program offering tax breaks to developers to encourage development in low-income communities


The New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) Program is designed to encourage developments in low-income communities by providing federal income tax credits for investors in Community Development Entities. The credit comes out to 39 percent, spread over seven years. The program was started as part of the Community Renewal Tax Relief Act of 2000 and is administered by the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund in the Department of Treasury. Since creation, $33.1 billion in tax credits have been approved.

The Rapid City Journal reported on the July 31, 2012 meeting of the Public Works committee where the developer for Presidents Plaza in downtown Rapid City informed the committee that construction was delayed due to difficulty in acquiring a New Markets Tax Credit. The credit was necessary for the plaza to be built under the current plan; denial of the credit would mean having to re-size the project.

NMTC has been used in past projects in South Dakota, such as grain elevators in Bowdle, Faulkton, and McLaughlin.

Applying for NMTC

(some of this material comes from Enterprise's How New Markets Tax Credits Work)

Each year, CDEs can apply for NMTC from the CDFI. The demand far outweighs the availability- 2012 saw 70 CDEs awarded NMTC, out of 314 applicants (value of the credits was $3.6 billion, from a request $26.7 billion).

The CDEs then decide what projects to fund. The credits are then usually allocated in portions of $5-15 million, so the CDEs can diversify their investments. Projects are often chosen on the basis that they wouldn't be done without the NMTC; the NMTC is needed to secure other financing. Developers make Qualified Equity Investments in the CDE, in return for the tax credit on future income. Communities then benefit from new construction jobs, as well as permanent jobs and tax income from the completed project.

The process of applying for a NMTC allocation can be long and confusing; businesses may seek a consultant for help navigating the process (one example would charge a $15,000 retainer for services, replaced by .85% of the qualified investment if successful, i.e. $85,000 for a $10 million Qualified Equity Investment). There may be other costs involved with closing the deal; another example estimates $300,000 from a $10 million investment. Estimates in this report from 2011 place costs to acquire at 2-3% of the transaction size, with 2-8% closing costs, and possible other fees in the process.

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