Black Hills Knowledge Netowork

May 1, 2017

BHKN Data Series

BHKN Data Series

On an on-going basis, the Black Hills Knowledge Network compiles data on a variety of topics to provide additional context to local issues of interest. View our Education and Native Data Series to learn more about each topic with the support of reliable data.

Education Data Series

This look at K-12 funding in South Dakota is the first in a series of reports highlighting data specific to education statewide by the South Dakota Dashboard and the Black Hills Knowledge Network. The series examines what the available data shows about education funding, practices and achievements both statewide and in individual school districts. To view series installments, see our Education Data Series Archive.

Native Data Series

The Black Hills Knowledge Network's Native Data Series examines what the available data shows about Native Americans living in the Black Hills region of South Dakota. As the state's and region's largest racial minority, the data often shows distinct differences from the white majority in some categories, while in other categories the data shows close similarities. This series seeks to examine both situations so we all can better understand, respond to and plan for decisions that would affect Natives and non-Natives alike. To view series installments, see our Native Data Series Archive.

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