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Graffiti Artist Tyler Read in Art Alley
Graffiti Artist Tyler Read in Art Alley
Man stands next to artwork in Art Alley.

Art Alley - Rapid City

Art Alley is an outdoor art gallery located between Main Street and St. Joseph Street from 6th to 7th Street in Rapid City, South Dakota. The alley itself is city property, but the mural-covered building walls are privately owned.

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Art Alley Website and Mobile Site
Dahl Arts Center Website
Rapid City Arts Council Website
Art Alley Artists Guild on Facebook




On March 7, the Rapid City Council had the first reading of an ordinance which could put the Fine Arts Council in charge of Arts Alley. If the ordinance passes, several regulations of Art Alley would be put into place. 

One of the main reasons behind this proposed ordinance is the amount of vandalism Art Alley sees. Business owners have expressed a desire to have some control over the space in order to have a way to preserve the more stunning examples of art in Art Alley.

-The Art Alley Permit System
-Rapid City Arts Council educates on Art Alley permit system


Factory Salon owner Dennis Halterman purchased the trademark "Art Alley Incorporated." The idea was to make a profit by marketing Art Alley as a tourist destination and selling merchandise such as t-shirts. The money made in this venture would have gone back to the arts community. It also would have been invested into arts education for children.

Halterman's business could not officially be a benefit corporation due to laws in South Dakota, so Halterman planned to run Art Alley Incorporated as a for-profit business and donate most of the proceeds. 


The Art Alley Artists Guild, aka Guild 2.0, presents at the April 1, 2013 City Council Meeting to report on progress being made in the alley, how they are addressing concerns, and plans for future improvements.

-Council applauds efforts to restore Art Alley by Daniel Simmons-Richie
-April 1st City Council Agenda as item #58, Art Alley Discussion continued from March 4th
-Guild 2.0's update to City Council including their Mission Statement, Manifesto, etc.

The City Council asks the community to form task force for Art Alley on March 4th. The Art Alley Artists Guild is created and will address crime, graffiti, and sanitary issues in the alley.

-March 4th City Council Agenda as item #56, Art Alley Discussion
-Dahl Forum Report and Rapid City Art's Council Panel Discussion from March 4, 2013 City Council Meeting

The Rapid City Arts Council holds a panel discussion on the future of Art Alley on February 27th.

-Artists' guild suggested for Art Alley by Aaron Orlowski

The Business Improvement District (BID) board declines to pursue Art Alley project on February 7th. Discussion begins on the management of the alley, with some supporters in opposition to any regulation.

-BID board declines to pursue Art Alley project by Jennifer Naylor
-Rapid City Looks At Future Of Art Alley by Charles Michael Ray
-Back to the drawing board for Art Alley? by Jennifer Naylor


Huffington Post writes a national story on Art Alley, Who Knew Rapid City Was So Cool? by Paul Brady

Outdoor Film Festival held in Art Alley

-1345 Film Festival outgrows its first home by Eric Lochridge

Volunteers participate in a "clean up" day in the alley, while more events are being scheduled in the space.

-Art Alley gets facelift by Barbara Soderlin

The Rapid City Council agrees to provide a portion of the funds needed for the Art Alley decorative resurfacing, the remainder of the funding is privately raised.

-Rapid City Council approves Pactola water contract, Art Alley funds by Scott Aust

The Public Works Committee gives initial approval for decorative paving in Art Alley. The committe also gives preliminary approval to provide a portion of city funds for the project.

-Committee gives initial approval, matching funds for Art Alley resurfacing by Scott Aust

Todd Rigione and Art Alley supporters propose a stamped paving upgrade to the Public Works Committee.

-Art Alley supporters try to pave way for more decoration by Scott Aust

Citizen complaints are submitted throughout the years, but code enforcement officers acknowledge a dilemma. The paintings could not exactly be considered graffiti, which is normally turned over to the Rapid City Police Department. The paintings could not be considered signs either, so they didn't fall under city sign ordinances.

-Art Alley a picture of issues by Heidi Bell Gease

Rapid City artist Todd Rigione presents his vision of "Art Alley" to the City Council in October. The Legal and Finance Committee votes to recommend that city attorneys write a sample mural ordinance, but no ordinance passes.

-City Council Agenda as item #113, regarding murals.
-A letter is written from Todd Rigione to City Attorney Jason Green.
-Artist envisions murals in Rapid City alleys by Bill Harlan





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