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Arts Rapid City's Survey Takes the Community "Arts Pulse"
Arts Rapid City's Survey Takes the Community "Arts Pulse"
Arts Rapid City
March 12, 2015

The Metro 'Art Pulse' is Taken by Arts Rapid City

 Arts Rapid City recently surveyed almost 300 arts event attendees to gauge audience demographics, attendance patterns and preferences in Rapid City. They found that over 96 percent of those surveyed claim to attend arts events in Western South Dakota. Eastern South Dakota was the next most popular location, followed by bordering states. Almost seventeen percent of respondents also indicated that they went further than bordering states, even overseas, to attend art events.

Word-of-mouth (not online), social media, and newspapers were indicated as the most likely avenues for attendees to have learned about events.

Arts Rapid City contextualized their findings using demographic information provided by the South Dakota Dashboard, sister site to the Black Hills Knowledge Network. Though 20 percent of Rapid City’s overall population identifies as people of color, only 8 percent of respondents did. Sixty-eight percent of respondents attained a bachelor’s degree or higher, as compared with 29.3 percent estimate for Rapid City residents as a whole. While the median age of people living in Rapid City is 35.6 years, more than three-quarters of those who took the survey were over 35.

Arts Rapid City hopes that this survey will help arts organizations and regional businesses “make more informed decisions about how we use our resources to connect with and meaningfully engage our community.” 

To learn more, read the full report here

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