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Hurley served as Secretary of War from 1929-1933.
Hurley served as Secretary of War from 1929-1933.
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September 22, 2016

Secretary of War Campaigns for President Hoover

Even in 1932, presidential campaigns were in full swing by mid-September. As reported by the Washington Post, in September 14 of that year, Secretary of War Patrick Hurley arrived in Rapid City by way of tri-motor airplane in an effort to help President Herbert Hoover in his re-election bid against his opponent, Franklin D. Roosevelt. 

Following his visit to Rapid City, Hurley traveled to Huron for the South Dakota State Fair, as reported in the Berkley Daily Gazette. "The only workable plan to break up the depression was made by President Hoover," Hurley boasted. "Hundreds of ill-advised panaceas have been offered the people. Most of these had in them elements that would have destroyed the economic system." 

Despite his best efforts, Hurley could not unbind President Hoover from the Great Depression in the eyes of voters. Of course, Roosevelt ultimately defeated Hoover in a landslide victory. Roosevelt carried 42 states to Hoover's six. 

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