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Old Fort Meade Museum on the historic grounds of Fort Meade recounts the region's military history.
Old Fort Meade Museum on the historic grounds of Fort Meade recounts the region's military history.
Black Hills Knowledge Network photo/Kenzie Wagner

Meade County - Civic Life & History

American Indians of the Great Plains camped and prayed at Bear Butte, and hunted on the prairie in present day Meade County long before Euro-American trappers or gold seekers arrived in the region. They came back to Bear Butte to pray and to discuss their response to the intrusion of Americans on their lands in the 1850s and 1860s.

Black Hills gold seekers and freighters travelled through the region in the 1870s. In 1878, as part of the U.S. effort to suppress Indian resistance to the white invasion, the army established Fort Meade. The fort was named for Civil War General George Meade, who commanded union troops at Gettysburg. Ft. Meade served as an historic frontline cavalry fort and garrisoned members of the 7th Cavalry after the Battle of the Little Big Horn, as well as Buffalo Soldiers of the 10th Cavalry.

As the 20th century progressed, Meade County prospered by ranching, lumber production in the Black Hills, trans-state trucking routes, education services, retail, and light manufacturing. Black Hills tourism has been a significant economic contributor for more than a century, and especially so since the beginnings of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in 1938. Today the internationally-known rally draws hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists to the county each August.

Meade County is the home of the cities of Faith, Piedmont, Sturgis, and Summerset. More than several unincorporated communities and townships also claim the county as their residence.

Arts & Culture

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally attendance makes possible one of the nation’s major annual music festivals. Promoters book music acts, primarily rock and country, that draw thousands to open-air venues each August. Check out the Black Hills Knowledge Network History of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally from Main Street Stunts to Megacrowds. 

Also in August, 84 miles to the northeast, the Faith Livestock Show and Rodeo is a major regional draw. Some of the biggest names in country music have performed there over the years. 

In Sturgis the nonprofit Sturgis Area Arts Council promotes presentations by arts professionals as well as participation by Meade County residents in arts activities. Sturgis is home to a well-equipped, 444-seat theater in its municipal recreation complex. 

Another nonprofit organization, the Sturgis Center for the Arts, focuses on lessons in many art forms and is open to participants of all ages. The Center also showcases area artists at events that include an outdoor summer festival.

Meade County is home to many private art galleries as well, the Weaver Art Gallery of Sturgis, the D’fine Art Gallery of Sturgis, and the James O Aplan Antiques & Arts of Piedmont.

Museums, Libraries & Archives


Located in a historic building across from Fort Meade’s parade grounds, the Old Fort Meade Museum recounts the region’s military history.  It is open seven days a week in summer.

The Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame, downtown, is open year round.  Its displays include vintage bikes, as well as photos and artifacts documenting the Sturgis rally through the decades.  The Hall of Fame honors personalities from Peter Fonda to Evel Knieval.

Faith's community center, since opening in 2004, has hosted touring museum exhibits of national caliber. Each October, the community center hosts a Craft Fair for all ages.


The county’s largest library is the Sturgis Public Library, established in 1922 and now housed in the city hall complex.  It has a collection of 45,000 books as well as downloadable and other non-print resources.  Sturgis Public Library offers programming that aims to foster life-long learning.  Additionally, this library supplies a branch facility at Union Center. For more information, call 605-347-2624.

With over 18,000 books, DVDs and other materials, the Faith Public/School Library is committed to meeting the needs of both Faith School District students and members of the larger community. For more information, call 605-967-2262.

The Piedmont Valley Library, located at 111 Second Street, contains over 12,000 books, audio books, and movies for all ages. They have three computers for public use, and recently released an online catalog. For more information, call 605-718-3663.


Information on the past historical documents of the government of city of Sturgis can be found in their archive center, which includes an online search feature on their website. For more information, call 605-347-4422.

Historical Photos and Documents Online

The Prints and Photographs Division of the Library of Congress has more than 460 images related to Meade County available online. They include large collections of photographs of Fort Meade National Cemetery taken by David W. Haas as part of the Historic American Landscapes Survey as well as an extensive set of construction drawings and images of Ellsworth Air Force Base from the 1950s.

The Denver Public Library has a portrait of Lieutenant James G. Sturgis available online. Lt. Sturgis died during the Battle of the Little Bighorn. The town of Sturgis is named after him.

The National Archives and Records Administration makes a number of images and digital documents related to Sturgis available online. Subjects include 1940 Census records, water pollution from the Homestake Mine in 1972 and FEMA efforts to prevent wildfires in more recent years.

Local Histories: A Black Hills Knowledge Network Collection, features historical photos and documents from the archives created in collaboration with local libraries and the Black Hills Knowledge Network. Included in this collection are the following anthologies:

Piedmont: A Black Hills Knowledge Network Collection, features vintage photos from the 20th century highlighting the every day life of Piedmont Valley area residents.

The Black Hills Knowledge Network offers many resource pages that cover important topics of the Black Hills and Meade County specifically. A History of Summerset resource page which highlights the important historical roots of the city of Summerset and the Piedmont Valley, and the Sturgis Rally History From Main Street Stunts to Megacrowds resource page features historical information on the Black Hills' largest event.

To explore other Black Hills area anthologies on the Black Hills Knowledge Network, see our Digital Archives page.  The Black Hills Knowledge Network, in collaboration with local libraries, has constructed an updated archive of Meade County news.


The Association of Religion Data Archives lists information about Meade County residents’ religious affiliations, as of 2010. Full church members, their children, and others who attend services regularly are considered adherents, and 18,947 residents reported no adherence while 1,988 were Catholic, 2,314 were mainline Protestants, 1,925 were Evangelical Protestants, and 260 reported “other.”  To see the data for the year 2000 in a graph, click here

Bear Butte is a key site for prayer and other religious activity for several Great Plains American Indian peoples. Bear Butte is a South Dakota state park, and was recently listed by the National Trust for Historic Preservation as one of the “11 Most Endangered Places”.


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