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If You Are Leaving Meade County, Chances Are You Aren't Going Far
If You Are Leaving Meade County, Chances Are You Aren't Going Far
Oct 28, 2014

If You Are Leaving Meade County, Chances Are You Aren't Going Far

Though Meade County’s total population grew, many former residents moved to the county next door. Pennington County received 1002 new residents, accounting for two thirds of people leaving Meade County. If people weren’t leaving for Pennington County, the most popular destinations were out of the state, including Minnesota (181) especially Dakota County in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro area, Florida (123), and Wyoming (101).

South Dakota inter-county migration accounted for the largest influx of migrants (1051), with a majority of newcomers moving from Pennington (809) and Lawrence Counties (105). Alaska (185), Texas (175), Florida (114), Arkansas (105), and Colorado (104), were the largest out-of-state contributors to the county.  

  • Other interesting Meade County estimations include:
  • Movers from a different state: 1,500
  • Movers to a different state: 810
  • Movers from a different county in South Dakota: 1,051
  • Movers to a different county in South Dakota: 1,532
  • Movers from abroad: 12

 The above migration statistics were taken from the Census Flows Mapper and its most current data from the American Community Survey (2008-2012). 

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