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Apr 25, 2011

Fall River County - Government & Citizenship

Fall River County spans an area 1,749 square miles in the southwestern corner of South Dakota. It borders Wyoming to the west and Nebraska to the south. In 2016, the county had a population of 6,849.. The county seat is Hot Springs. Other communities include Edgemont and Oelrichs. Fall River County is governed by five-person county commission which meets on the first and third Thursday of every month at 9am at the County Courthouse. Minutes and agendas of these meetings are posted on the county’s website and articles reporting county business are published in the Hot Springs Star.    

Fall River County also serves as the administrative center for Oglala Lakota County.


The Fall River County Commission adopted a budget for the fiscal year 2016 in the amount of slightly more than $4 million on September 22nd, 2015. Of this, general fund expenditures were $3,881,792. Line item details can be found in commission minutes for September 22nd, 2015.


Find information regarding upcoming elections in Fall River County here, including polling places, sample ballots, and voting precincts. See results from recent election on the South Dakota Secretary of State’s website.

Public Safety

Law enforcement in Fall River County is provided by the Fall River County Sheriff’s Department, which is responsible for “pursuing and apprehending all felons, executing all writs, warrants, and other processes from any court or magistrate” and operates the Fall River County Jail and Animal Control. Fire suppression and other emergency services are provided by the Fall River County Emergency Management Department.

Veterans & Military Affairs

Fall River County Veteran’s Services is open daily on weekdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The Veterans Service Officer is available to help United State veterans with “disability and pension claims, education benefits, home loans, burial benefits, general health care questions, and veterans state bonus awards, as well as any other veteran-related questions.”

Located in Hot Springs is one hospital campus of the VA Black Hills Health Care System. This hospital provides primary and secondary medical and surgical care, as well as residential rehabilitation treatment program services for veterans living is South Dakota and parts of Nebraska, Wyoming, North Dakota, and Montana. Established in 1889 as the State Soldiers Home, the hospital has also been known as the Battle Mountain Sanitarium.

Read more about the history of Battle Mountain Sanitarium, now part of the VA Black Hills Health Care System, on this Black Hills Knowledge Network resource page

Public Notices

Public notices from Fall River County can be accessed through the South Dakota Newspaper Association's public notices website.  Select Fall River County from the dropdown menu to find notices on advertisements for bids, adoption of ordinances, financial reports, hearings, and other government activities in the county.

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