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Below is a list of frequently-asked questions to help you navigate the Black Hills Knowledge Network and find the information you are looking for. If you do not see an answer to your question below, please feel free to email [email protected] or call (605) 716-0058.

What does the Black Hills Knowledge Network do?

The Black Hills Knowledge Network is an online community information service that connects people to local information and ideas within the Black Hills region. We work with librarians and community organizations to aggregate and organize local news, resources, data and historical archives from a variety of sources to engage and educate citizens and community leaders regarding the value of local information for decision-making, with the goal of enhancing the quality of life in our communities. Learn more about the Black Hills Knowledge Network here.

How do I find information about my town?

Listed on the Black Hills Knowledge Network homepage are links to profiles for Butte, Custer, Fall River, Lawrence, Meade, Oglala Lakota, and Pennington Counties, as well as the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and the Black Hills Region as a whole. These profiles include drop-down menus listing major towns. For each county and town we cover Civic Life & History, Demographics & Population, Education & Training, Government & Citizenship, Health & Wellness, and Work & Economy. Data regarding specific towns and South Dakota as a whole can be found on the South Dakota Dashboard.

How do I find South Dakota data?

All of our statewide data is hosted on our sister site, the South Dakota Dashboard. The South Dakota Dashboard provides data from federal and state sources related to towns, cities, metropolitan and micropolitan areas, counties, and the state. We include indicators on demographics, economics, health, housing, workforce and incomes, which are further broken down into dozens of categories such as race, age, gender, and education. We provide user-friendly access to over 400 charts, maps, and data-sets.

Where do I find recent local news stories?

Find local Black Hills news stories in our news feed, search by specific tags, or explore our digital archives. Launched in 2016, users are now able to interact with staff from the Rapid City Public Library during business hours for live feedback. Read more about this here.

Where can I find information on a specific news topic?

We use a digital archiving system called Diigo for just this purpose. This archive is intended to help organize various online sources to allow users to do in-depth research on a particular topic. Many of our posts include a link at the bottom of the text that will take you to a subject file in Diigo, or you can access a list of topics here.

How can I get more information on a topic on the Black Hills Knowledge Network site?

Contact our staff at 605-716-0058, at [email protected] or Ask a Local Librarian!

How do I find local historical photos and documents?

We use Biblioboard to house several thousand digital historical photos and documents. You can access the Black Hills Knowledge Network Digital Archives here.  Find more information on other regional and national anthologies, visit our External Archives page.

I heard you have historical records related to community issues. How do I access your Issue Hub pages?

For local information including historical documents, government rules and regulations, and local contact information, click on "Issue Hub" at the top of the main menu. Our issue hub pages are made and curated by local librarians and our staff in order to provide updated information on a variety of local topics and issues.

We also host a variety of curated primary document anthologies on Biblioboard, many of which include compiled histories and pamphlets on the area. Learn more here.

Can I hire you for grant-writing trainings or local data consulting?

Yes! The BHKN Team is available for demonstrations on how to find historical documents, images, and other research queries. Contact our staff at 605-716-0058 or at [email protected] for more information or to set up a demonstration.

Through the South Dakota Dashboard, our team offers consulting services using South Dakota-specific data sets and networks to provide clients with reliable, up-to-date, and easy-to-use resources and reports. These services include writing research reports, creating infographics, developing live and embeddable digital charts for websites, as well as providing presentations and data training for nonprofits, government agencies, researchers, and community organizations. Learn more about these services here.

How can I get involved?

Visit our Get Involved page to find community resources, information on volunteering, and a database of regional elected officials. We also partner with Helpline 211 to connect volunteers to the organizations and nonprofits that need them. Looking for more community information? Visit our Issue Hub page for background information on local hot topic issues. We're always looking to add more information, so contact us if you need information on a topic you can't find. 

Or, become a donor! Click here for more information.

How do I sign up for the weekly newsletter?

Click on the “Newsletter” link in the upper right hand corner of this page and enter your email address. Our newsletter highlights trending topics on the Black Hills Knowledge Network, as well as upcoming projects and new information resources. You will also have the option to sign up for the South Dakota Dashboard newsletter, a monthly mailing that covers the state’s top data stories. 

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